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    ATULC Candidate Questionnaire

    Party Affiliation:
    What office are you running for?
    Political Background (offices held or currently hold, offices ran for but did not get elected to, party positions, etc.):
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    Community or Organizational Membership (past and present):
    Current Occupation:
    Current Employer:
    Are you currently or have you ever been a member of a labor organization?         
    If yes which labor organization:
    Campaign address:
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    Email Address:
    Website Address:
    Treasurer and Phone Number:
    Please provided your understating of the ATULC:
    Do you support the right of unions to bargain and have the ability to strike?
    Rest breaks: Under state rule, an employee may not be required to work more than three hours without a paid rest break. The current rules stipulate that workers should receive at least a ten minute, uninterrupted rest break unless the nature of the work permits the use of intermittent breaks that add up to ten minutes. Widespread evidence across transit agency’s reveals that workers are not getting ten minutes of uninterrupted breaks and that the intermittent break rule has resulted in workers simply not getting breaks at work.  How would you address these intermittent breaks for transit workers and please state why?
    Privatization: As you may know, transit agencies have been contracting work out to the lowest bidder.  The agencies provide the vehicles, pay for the fuel and other expenditures.  They promote this contracting out as a cost savings to the public, but it has been proven that they are actually paying more to the sub-contractor than it would cost to provide this service in house.  The private transit companies use vehicles that for the most part are not maintained at the same standard as the transit agency they contract with.  They pay a much lower wage scale and provide benefits that are subpar with the transit agency they contract with.  These private companies are for profit and are trying to make as much profit as they can and it is mostly on the working men and women in your district that are living below the poverty level.  If we were to endorse you what would you do to help Amalgamated Transit Union in bringing this service back in house so that your constituents would be able to provide a better life for their families?
    Transit Funding: Less than 2% of Washington State transportation budget goes to public transit.  The federal government invests 20% of its transportation spending on transit. Some states invest as much as 60% of their transportation budget on public transit.  What revenue sources would you support in addition to local sales taxes to help fund public transit in Washington State?
    Ridden Public Transit: As you know it’s always better to have firsthand knowledge.  Have you ridden public Transit in the past few years?  Yes or No
    if yes how often do you currently use public transportation and tell us why you do or do not?
    To be eligible to be endorsed we do require an interview by our delegates to the council. Are you will to be interviewed?
    Do you have any questions for us?
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